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About Us

About Us

About Us

As a regional leader in successfully treating patients, TMS of Westchester, headed by Dr. Lorraine Innes, provides excellent and compassionate care. Our approach to each patient is personal, and our focus is always on your health and well being.

Realizing that all patients respond differently to treatment, we tailor your care based on a variety of treatment options. Consequently, our multi-modal approach promotes a healthy lifestyle incorporating psychotherapy, TMS therapy, and medication management.

We have been providing TMS therapy since 2010 and have seen TMS therapy change the lives of hundreds of patients. Over the course of treatment, we stimulate the brain in a way that can lead to improvements in mood, energy, productivity, and overall happiness.

Dr. Lorraine Innes
Lorraine Innes, MD

Medical Director – Dr. Innes attended Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. She completed her residency and a Fellowship in Public Psychiatry at New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Innes founded both TMS of Westchester and TTC Psychiatric, which has been servicing the community since 2002.

Bernardine Barry Nicholas Banker

Nicholas Banker – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Alex Meisner
Alexandra Meisner

Coordinator and technician of TMS of Westchester. Alex guides you through the insurance process and can answer all procedural and financial questions.

Bernardine Barry Bernardine Barry

Support Staff and technician for TMS of Westchester.