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Is It Right for You

Is It Right for You

Is It Right for You?

If you agree with two or more of these statements, TMS Therapy may be right for you.Depression symptoms have interfered with my daily life.

  • I am not satisfied with the results I get from depression medication.
  • I have had or worry about side effects from depression medications.
  • I have switched medications for depression due to side effects.
  • I am interested in a proven, non-drug therapy for depression


“I almost lost my life due to my depression. I have had to take extended time off from work. My depression has destroyed relationships.

My experience with TMS was painless and positive. I am so thankful to have been able to experience TMS Therapy.

I noticed a change after about four weeks of treatments. A weight had been lifted. I stopped crying on a regular basis. I was able to get out of bed, shower, get dressed and go to work. Life felt worth living.”

Amanda G.

“I am going to The Therapy Center for TMS, (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), which is a five week treatment. It is a non-invasive method to cause depolarization in the neurons of the brain to help alleviate depression.

They are fantastic. I would recommend The Therapy Center to everybody. They have good bedside manner and are extremely considerate. I go there every Wednesday and it’s always a pleasure.”

Ruud B.

“I could barely wake up in the morning due to my ongoing depression. Thanks so much to The Therapy Center for TMS for giving me my life back.”

Mike W.

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