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As a regional leader in successfully treating patients, TMS of Westchester, headed by Dr. Lorraine Innes, provides excellent and compassionate care. Our approach to each patient is personal, and our focus is always on your health and well being.

Realizing that all patients respond differently to treatment, we tailor your care based on a variety of treatment options. Consequently, our multi-modal approach promotes a healthy lifestyle incorporating psychotherapy, TMS therapy, and medication management.

We have been providing TMS therapy since 2010 and have seen TMS therapy change the lives of hundreds of patients. Over the course of treatment, we stimulate the brain in a way that can lead to improvements in mood, energy, productivity, and overall happiness.

Our team of TMS technicians excel in delivering unparalleled patient care, ensuring comfort throughout precise treatment sessions. Their expertise allows them to make valuable recommendations, empowering patients to reclaim control over their lives and well-being. With compassionate support and advanced techniques, our technicians play a pivotal role in helping individuals on their journey to improved mental health and a better quality of life.

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