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TMS Therapy

What can I expect during TMS sessions?

TMS therapy usually takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the protocol being used, and takes place in-office. While you sit fully awake in a chair, your TMS technician administers the treatment. A small, curved device with a magnetic coil rests on your head, delivering precise magnetic stimulation precisely where your brain needs it. After the session, there is no need for recovery time, and you can resume your daily activities immediately.

How many treatments are needed?

Typically, a recommended course of TMS treatment is 4 – 6 weeks consisting of one daily session, five days per week, then slowly decreasing the frequency of treatment. Our experienced providers may adjust your treatment schedule based on their clinical expertise and your treatment response.

Is TMS therapy safe?

TMS is considered an extremely safe method to manage depression without the potential side effects of medications. It uses significantly less magnetic energy but employs the same type and strength of magnetic fields used in MRIs, which have been safely used for tens of millions of people worldwide. Research has shown no negative brain effects, such as concentration difficulties or memory loss, from the treatment. There is a small risk of a seizure occurring during treatment, however this risk is no greater than has been observed with oral antidepressant medications.

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